Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Training Pics + CF Open Prep

Here are some of the pics taken from todays workout. feel free to use them on social media, but just make sure to tag @rxaction , @noxtraining , #rxactionagency , #noxtraining. Thanks!

So this year season I am starting earlier with my OPEN prep. Last couple of seasons I didn't have enough time to train due to my crazy school/coaching schedule and also feel like I started too late. For now I am keeping it basic with high volume starting this week and then increase the intensity as we get closer to the open. I will building my 'base' for til the end of the year and start the intensity early next year. Here is what I did from Sunday to Today.

5 Rounds:
25 GHD Sit-ups
50yard sled push (HEAVY- 550#)
3 legless rope climbs
15 dips

3 Rounds For time:
50 Wallballs
10 clean and Jerks (135#)

Tabata ring support  (the top of a ring dip/muscle up)

Tabata ring hold at bottom

5x3 Front Squat

5x3 Push Jerk

10 Minute AMRAP:
25 yard sled push (Light- 135#)
50 yard run

3 rounds:
800m run
15 ball slams (50#)
15 box jumps

5x3 Deadlifts

"The Chief"
5 Rounds of 3 minutes work/1 minute rest after each round:
3 power cleans (135#)
6 HR Push-ups
9 air squats

5x3 split jerk

800m sled drag (135#)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weeks Training Log

I have been busy with a lot of projects lately that I have forgotten to log my training. Here is what I did this week. If you notice, it is much less volume than previous weeks and this is because it is the week after competing. volume will be back up this upcoming week.

SUNDAY (last week)
kept the intensity low but volume pretty high and just worked through without worrying about the clock.

10 rounds:
-3 strict press + 3 push press (135#)
-10 ring dips
-sled push 25yards (500#)
-10 strict pull-ups

Then: 100 Half burpees (from the push-up position to the pike position)

15 Minute EMOM
1. 10 front squats (225#) from the ground
2. 20 Hand release push-ups
3. max reps sit-ups

3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kb swings
12 pull-ups

rest 10 minutes

10 minute EMOM (+alternating minutes)
1. 15 GHD Sit-ups
2. 10 Deadlifts 225#

For time:
Double unders / SDHP w/ 88# kettle bell
-rest 2 minutes
15 burpee muscle up

5x3 Hang Snatch
5x3 Clean pulls
5x2 pause (2 seconds) front squats

With a running clock:

wallballs and toes to bar

Every 2 minutes switch from 1. and 2.
1. 100m Medball shuttle run (50 out, 50 back)
5 medball sit-up to stand up + 5 medball overhead throws against wall

The next 2 minute window do:

2. 1 round of "DT" + 3 burpees

-then keep cycling through every 2 minutes until 30 minutes are up.

20 minute AMRAP:
2 muscle ups
8 KB Swings

Monday, September 22, 2014


Thanks for all the NOX Support. It was a great day of competition on saturday and everyone showed off their hard work over the past few months. Here are photos taken with my personal camera. Photos were either taken by @_uli or @beshoyabasha. Sorry for the delay in posting them but I had to figure out a way to add my filter effects and the RXAction watermarks in an efficient and timely manner (thanks youtube). By the way, if you haven't realized yet I work at RXAction Mobile app, and I am also an athlete on the Agency team. Please help spread the word by hash tagging rxaction, rxactionagency, rxactionapp, and tagging @rxaction on all your photos related to fitness. And of course NOXTraining. Thanks.

My workout training log will start back again starting tonight along with other media from this past weekend.