Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day one

20x 1 squat snatch at light weight to work on movement.
*3 muscle ups between each set

3 touch and go squat cleans every minute for 10 minutes @ 225 ( or about 70% Of Max)

Rest day

Thanks Courtney Crouch for coming up with a good idea to add to our training in 2013....

1 Year Burpee challenge
Day 1 - 1 burpee
Day 2 - 2 burpees
Day 364 - 364 burpees
Day 365 - 365 burpees

*You have the whole day to do the prescribed amount of burpees. Also if you forget to do them one day you can still be in the challenge so long as you make them up the following day in addition to that days prescription.
1 burpee...DONE!

Accountability is key when it comes to a challenge like this. So post to comment when you complete the days prescription of burpees. (Any math majors out there know a formula to figure out how many burpees total this will be? )

Goals: what are your goals you want to accomplish at the Box for 2013? Write specific goals to comments below. I will repost the goals every few months or so to remind everyone of what they put down, and see where you are in relation to those goals.

*also, looking for someone to write a few words (or a lot) about his or her experience with Crossfit / NoX Training / Coach mike/ or all the above/ or anything in between.