Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 51: "Cardio"

10 Minute Ladder:
195# Bench Press / 205# Power Clean
As soon as the time starts do 1 Bench Press and 1 Power Clean. 
Then 2 Bench Presses and 2 Power Cleans
3 and 3
4 and 4
5 and 5
...etc until the 10 minutes are up

Perform 3 Ring Muscle Ups every minute for 20 Minutes
*first 10 minutes with 25# weight vest

WOD 1 (AM)
TABATA: 20 Seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 6 Minutes Total
Alternate between Air Squats and Ring Push-ups

15 Minute Run for Distance

WOD 3 (PM)
10 Minute AMRAP:
20 Kettle Bell Snatch w/ 50# Kettle Bell
3 Deficit Hand stand push-ups
20 Double Unders

What is "Cardio" and how does CrossFit help improve "cardio"? On yesterday's post I invited every to ask any question to have Coach Mike Answer. This is the first question that will be answered within a few days. Feel free to keep the questions coming. 
*Subject: QUESTIONS 

Here is a Hint as to what the answer will entail: 
“The notion that holding a heart rate of 180 bpm for twenty minutes on a bike is good cardio whereas holding 180 bpm for twenty minutes in a circuit of weightlifting is of lesser cardiovascular value is widespread yet ludicrous.”