Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday Training [NOX Training]

Life should be a practice. As an athlete, the physiology is the simple part. Practice is getting very skilled at something. It’s also called the failure game. A coach is there to give instructions on how something can be better, then the athlete works ferociously at perfecting that. This is where physiology steps in…we start with a few repetitions n a row until failure is hit (whether it be muscular or failure in your form/technique). Repeat after a bit of recovery…we start again, this time we go a bit longer. 

The next time we add something more, maybe weight, maybe faster pace, maybe slower pace so we can grasp it a bit better. 

After a while we realize the improvement is not occurring any longer so we call it a day. 

If you treat your life like you were learning to play the violin for the first time, you may just find something you never knew you were capable of. Of course, everyone else is “Gifted”. 

Today's Training
Most of the training will be posted here from now on: Training Program

However, every once in a while I'll post a workout or 2 on here.