Thursday, December 20, 2012

2 Types of Work

Active Rest Day 

1 Mile Trail Run - Easy tempo

8 x 50 yard steep Hill sprints w/20# vest -OR- Elevation Mask
Walk down rest

100 Snatches w/ 50# Kettle



CrossFit is for everyone / any age / any capabilities/ both girls and guys. Crossfit is universally scale-able. CrossFit will help build characteristics that help individuals have a better quality of life. Not only do you become healthier physically, but also healthier mentally. The mental battle one faces during a CrossFit workout is similar to the mental battles our early human ancestors faced as a part of every day life just to survive. During the middle of an intense workout your mind is at a constant battle with itself. One thought enters your head such as, "I'm Tired I want to stop" or "I should slow down." Or even, "I'm done with this I'm quitting." The next thought usually is something like this. "I only have __ minutes left or ___ reps left. I can do this." 
"Keep going."
"Hold on just a little bit longer."
Then Immediately after that a stream negative thoughts enter your head such as "my legs are burning, i'm too tired to keep going".

These positive and negative thoughts go back an forward until the clock hits "zero" or you complete the reps required for that workout. 

Do you know what that means? 

A completed workout means that your positive thoughts over powered the negative thoughts.  Throughout the workout you went back and forward: positive thought, negative thought, positive, negative, positive, until the clock hits zero or you complete the task.  

Going through this mental battle on a regular basis can build a mental thought process and create a mental fortitude that usually cannot be built from average day to day activities in today's world. Early humans were faced with similar physical and mental battles that CrossFit workouts put you through. These Battles are what make us human.  The early humans could not stop running after its prey just because they were tired, or else they would face starvation. 

In Today's world people go to work, do routine work which takes little or no mental/physical battle to accomplish the  tasks. These activities that people face in Today's world, though they are mentally draining, create no human progress.  After work the majority of people go home, eat, and vegetate in front of the computer or in Front of the TV.  These actions take away from what it is to be human. 

Of course these activities are sometimes needed for rest purposes , but only after the days work is done.

A days work must include both "work" to pay the bills, and "work " helps build a better person out of yourself. 

With CrossFit we are able to get back in touch with what it is to be human. 

Many people reading this will not understand what I mean. Just ask those people who are already into CrossFit and they will tell you something similar in their own way. 

Also, ask the people over at SICFIT and how they came up with the phrase; "THOSE WHO KNOW ARE"

*apologies for any gramatical errors / fragments /run-on sentences as I did not go back and edit this.