Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5-28-14: RAW FITNESS 2 Minute Drill + Pistol Progression

"Every practice has a set of rules which governs it. Mastery occurs with the realization of these rules. Innovation occurs at the point of intelligent and creative rebellion against them. "

Everyone reading this should go to to sign up for a free profile and participate in the 2 minute drills that they have there. This is especially important for all of you competitors out there that want to get additional work in either before or after your prescribed workout for the day. There are only a couple more days to participate in this FREE Event. There are several 2-minute drills that anyone can do. There is an air squat challenge, power clean challenge, and bench press challenge.
Pick one of these or perform all 3 of these to help you get to that next level of fitness. There are different divisions so that there is something for everyone. I will be performing the air-squat challenge and power clean challenge tomorrow after my regular workout. If you want to join me be sure to create your profile so you can enter your scores at a chance to win $50 or other great prizes. There aren't too many entrants thus far so the chances to win stuff is great. Go to, create a profile, and give these 2 minute drills a go. Its a good way to get extra work and better your fitness. 

Alex and Patty wanted me to make a tank top design they they saw and liked on the internet. The one they saw cost $30+ to order. I was able to make one for much cheaper. So if you like this tank feel free to order and share it on the internet to help reach the goal of 50 tanks sold. Click here to order. 

These days there are many sources on the internet on how to learn new skills in gymnastics/functional movement. One of the best sources for basic gymnastics movements used in CrossFit workouts is Carl Paoli at Check out these videos below for some pistol progressions. If you cannot do a pistol correctly, start out by practicing the exercises in the videos starting with #1. Do not move on to the next video until you master the current video you are on. This is a great progression video series that you can work on at home to improve your skills.       Before you do that, Check out the CrossFit Fail Video posted below...I know some of you can relate to these fails. It's alright though, if you haven't failed yet, you haven't pushed hard enough.

Spend 30 Minutes on Stretching and MOBILITY (full body)

14 Minute EMOM
Every Minute do 2 Pc @225 + 5 Burpees + 14 double unders

2014 Memorial "Murph" Times

2012 "Murph" Times (2013 are on a previous blog post)