Sunday, August 10, 2014

NPGL Training w/ Jon Pera

Do something good today/tonight. Switch it up-try something out of your comfort zone, throw yourself in the deep end and get creative, talk to someone new or turn your perspective around. A slight adjustment in your perspective can wildly alter your attitude and mood. Another Week in the books and another one is about to start tomorrow. What did you do today? Did you get better today? What did you do to get better today? Now I'm not just talking training...I'm talking about any aspect of your life (physically, mentally, spiritually, etc.)! No one ever stays the same. The moment you are born into this world you are at a constant flux so you are either getting better or getting worse. So, if you got better today than keep it up the rest of the week. If you didn't get better today then start off strong tomorrow and try to always get better everyday for the the rest of the day, week, year, life. 

Coach Mike Training with Jon Pera and Jeremy Herider after the LA Reign Training Camp. 

with a 34 minute running clock...
3 rounds:
21 wallballs, 15 box jumps, 9 toes to bar

3 rounds:
21 kb swings, 15 burpees, 9 pull-ups

500m run
45 sit-ups
40 burpee box jumps
35 sit-ups
30 overhead walking lunges with medball
25 sit-ups
20 pull-ups

Track workout
hurdle mobility+drills

20 minute AMRAP:
9 hang clean + jerks with 2x45# dumbbells
200m run
5 burpees with lateral jump over 30" hurdle
200m run

6 rounds:
200m ski erg @100% MAX effort
15 parallel bar dips (20# weight vest)
12 ring rows (20# weight vest)
*Rest 3 minutes between rounds

6 sets of 50' overhead yoke walks