Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Physical Education in 1960 / Training Photos

Check out this video of a PE Class from the 1960s. I was a track and field coach at Moreno Valley high School from 2008-2014 and occasionally went on campus during the last period class of the day so that I can set up for after school practice. As I was setting up for practices there was always a 6th period "PE" Class going on. However, I never really saw anything being done other than kids walking around at a casual pace for about 30 minutes and then Class was over.  It was sad sight to see. I remember in my PE classes we were required to run a mile, do pull-ups, play various sports, and perform exercises every day if we wanted to pass the class...and this was only about 10-20 years ago. Throughout the 6 years that I coached at Moreno Valley High School I was never able to witness any of that. Hopefully we can see a change in PE classes in public schools. Watch this video and see what JFK has to say about PE.