Friday, June 13, 2014

6-13-14: What the heck is Gluten?

What the heck is gluten? Do you make it a point to avoid it in your diet? Are you allergic to gluten? Is gluten bad for you if you are not allergic to it? Watch this video below and find out. This is just a short informational video on the subject but I recommend you do your full research before deciding either way. 

Today's Workload
With a continuously running clock...
3 Minute EMOM: 3 burpees + 4 box jumps + 5 Wallballs
3 Minute EMOM: 4 burpees + 5 box jumps + 6 Wallballs
3 Minute EMOM: 5 burpees + 6 box jumps + 7 Wallballs
(1 minute rest)
4 Minutes to complete: 20 burpee box overs (24") + Walking lunge with 1x 70#dumbell
4 Minutes to complete: 30 Alternating Dumbbell snatches(70#) + 30 Hand Release Push-ups
4 Minutes to complete: 40 burpees + 40 Sit-ups
(clock should read 22:00 when starting the next "for time" section. 
after the 4 minutes, straight into:
For time: 50 wallballs + 500m run
*your only rest is the time leftover for each minute during the EMOM and any time left over in each 4 minute blocks. 

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Yesterday Coach Mike and I practiced some heavy split cleans to prep Mike for the NPFL Vegas combine next week. We built up to 295# (the weight used in the Combine). check out the video, and subscribe to my youtube channel as well. Thanks.