Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday Training + French Toast Sandwich


For time:
1000m row
90 double unders
80 sit-ups
70 hand release push-ups
60 ball slams (50# slam ball)
50 hang power cleans (95#)
40 push press (95#)
30 push jerks (95#)
20 burpees
10 pull-ups

Back squats
2x5 @355#
3x5 @380#

1x2 @145
1x1 @155
1x1 @165
1x1 @175
1x1 @185

Clean and Jerk

1x2 @145#
1x1 @155#
1x1 @165#
1x1 @175#
1x1 @185#

3 minute amrap (run, hspu, wallballs, box jumps, burpees, ttb, swings, plate run)
rest 1 minute
6 minute amrap 
rest 2 minutes
*kept the reps and weight a secret, dont wan't everyone to know 100% of what we do unless you are at NOX. this is enough for me to remember what I did so I can look back on it. 

3 position snatch
1x1 @145#
1x1 @155#
3x1 @160#

Snatch Pulls
5x5 @205#

good mornings
3x8 @140 #

Barbells and Beer Friday
Now that summer is officially in full force, Friday's are now known as "Barbells and Beer" Fridays. After a hard conditioning sesh we will be having a few beers to celebrate the hard training week that was just completed with a few beers while we get extra barbell work in.  Drink a beer after FU Friday workload and hit some barbell work (technique, squats, etc). I will be bringing a 6 pack on Fridays so feel free to bring your beer of choice.  Follow "" on IG.

The weekends are when I do not really watch what I eat. Monday-Friday I only real foods (unprocessed) so once the weekend comes by I go back to the way I used to eat (which I don't recommend to eat ofter). After training I came home and made a
"French toast Samich"
 5 slices of bacon cooked
 while bacon is cooking, scramble 2 eggs in a bowl
 dip and cover 2 slices of bread in the scrambled egg until every portion of the bread is covered in egg
sprinkle cinnamon on the bread covered in egg

once the bacon is cooked, remove the bacon and then fry the egg/cinnamon covered bread in the bacon grease 

after the bread is cooked, scramble 6 eggs in the leftover bacon grease

put half of the scrambled egg in the bread sandwich with the bacon you previously cooked and you should have some left over eggs to eat on the side. add 2 tablespoons of syrup inside the sandwich. 

This meal has a bunch of good fats, a bunch of protein, and a decent amount of carbs from 7 oat bread.