Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July WORKLOAD + NPGL Draft

Yesterday we performed our annual 4th of July NOX Training WORKLOAD. Those of you who did it last year and this year noticed that this year was significantly easier than last year...this is a sign of getting better and fitter over the past year. Keep up the good WORK NOX!! Here are some pictures we took from the event. I couldn't take too many good ones because I was also doing the workout with you guys. On another note, coach mike will be traveling to Miami on Wednesday for the NPGL Draft in hopes of getting drafted to one of the 8 teams. By the end of next week, there is a high possibility that you will be coached by a Professional Athlete!! (we all know coach Mike always had professional qualities, but this will just make it official). The draft will be streamed live for everyone to watch to see if Coach Mike gets drafted. I will post more details on this during the upcoming week.

Days seem to go by faster and faster every passing day and I have been slacking on my training log. In the future there will be some posts like this one you are reading where I log a block of days on one single post, rather than updating it daily. Check out the rest of the pictures below the posted workouts.

3 Position snatch
2 sets 160#
3 sets 175#

snatch pulls
2 x 7 220#
3 x 5 220#

snatch push press
3 x 5 175#
2 x 5 185#

Good Mornings
3 x 8 120#

1000m row
50 hspu 
5 minutes air dyne
50 ring dips
1000m ski erg

July 4th Team WORKLOAD
In Teams of 3
.67 mile run Buy-in
150 thrusters (115#)
150 dumbbell snatch
150 junkyard dogs
*split up reps however you want between your partners.
**cannot start the thrusters until all 3 partners complete the run. 

Today’s WORKLOAD (July 5th)
3 @ 145#
3 @ 160#
3 @ 175#
2 @ 185#
1 @ 195#

Clean and Jerks
3 @ 180#
3 @ 195#
3 @ 210#
2 @ 225#
1 @ 240#

Back Squat
6 @ 285#
6 @ 310#
6 @ 335#
2 x 4 @ 355# 

Block Snatch Pulls (mid thigh) 
3 x 5 @ 220#

10 Minute Intervals
30 seconds on/30 seconds rest
1. Max Effort Air Dyne 
2. Ring muscle ups
*alternate between 1 and 2 each minute until 10 minutes are up

-rest 5 minutes-

10 Minute Intervals
1. 30 seconds on/30 seconds rest
2. Max Effort Air Dyne 
Ring muscle ups

*alternate between 1 and 2 each minute until 10 minutes are up

All 5 of us went to the same middle school and somehow managed to train with each other during the 4th of July. 

Patrick has been at NOX for just about a year and has seen some major health and fitness improvements. In fact, Patrick is probably the hardest workers at NOX. If you aren't satisfied with your health and fitness results today be sure to take special notice of what Patrick does; how he attacks and executes every workout... Mimmic Patrick's INTENSITY and PASSION and you are GUARANTEED to see results.