Friday, February 1, 2013

Day 32: "Momentum" - NLI

5x6 Overhead squats
50 double-unders between each set
5x6 Behind the neck snatch grip press

WOD 1 (AM)
15 x 100m Row sprints with 30 seconds rest between each interval 
*start out with the damper setting at 1. Increase the damper one notch every set until you reach setting 10. once you reach setting 10 then decrease the setting by one each interval until you are at damper setting 5 on the last rep. 
**100% effort for each interval

WOD 2 (PM) "Max Effort" 
2 Minute AMRAP KB Snatch @53#
rest 1 min
2 Minute AMRAP Burpees
rest 1 min
1 Min AMRAP KB Snatch @53#
rest 30 sec
1 Min AMRAP Burpees
*Count total amount of KB Snatch and Total amount of burpees separately. 
**20 Burpee Penalty for each time you leave the Kb on the ground for more than 1 seconds during AMRAPs. 

Have you scored in the bottom 5 percentile in a WOD over the Past month? Has this happened more than once in the past month? How about 5+ times in the past month? If you answered yes to 2 of the 3 questions above then what is your reason? Was it because you gave it your all and it was just where you ended up? Or was it because of some excuse? Or was it because of a long trend of you not giving your all? 

If you have been CrossFitting for more than 5 months and you find yourself at the bottom of the pack on multiple occasions each month YOU are doing something wrong. Yes I said it; YOU are doing something wrong, not your coach. Either YOU are not Training hard enough by giving your workouts 100% effort and/or you are not eating the proper nutrition. It can also be that you are not resting enough but I highly doubt that is the reason. 

Performing well in CrossFit WODs is all about momentum. Momentum is hard to gain in CrossFit as it has to be gained through weeks and months of giving it your 100% effort and eating the proper nutrients your body needs to recover. Any little slip in diet and/or effort can cause you to lose your momentum.  If you do not give it your 100% effort each and every time then it will show (by eventually moving to the bottom of the list for performance on WODs on multiple occasions). CrossFit helps people get healthy and Fit via competition. If you find yourself at the bottom then you are not competing as the other CrossFitters are who are doing the same exact WODs. Also if you eat like crap and think you can eat like crap because you are working out hard you will find yourself at the bottom of the WOD score board. 

Too many people who are at the bottom of the performance list consistently are also comfortable using excuses such as,  "I was sick last week", or "I'm sore". Rather than use those excuses one should back up and ask themselves, "what did I eat today?" or "what has my diet been looking like over the past month?". 

Also ask yourself, "have I been giving my 100% effort 99%+ of the time?". If you see yourself at the bottom of the performance list multiple times a month these are the questions you should be asking yourself rather than coming to an easy conclusion such as, "I was sick last week" or "I was sore". Remember, its about momentum. 

Lets not get comfortable with low performance when it comes to health and fitness. Consistent intensity in WODs coupled Consistent Healthy nutrition is directly related to great heath.  Lets not forget how big of a factor intensity has in determining how much a workout effects you and your health. Bottom line is, if you see yourself consistently and the bottom of the list you are not doing something right. Step up your effort for the upcoming month, change your crappy diet and you will see yourself climb in performance and you will see yourself climb the list. As a result you will reach your HEALTH and FITNESS GOALS in the process. If you cannot step up your effort then you are wasting time doing CrossFit. It is a waste of time to do a CrossFit WOD with less that 100% effort (and also disrespectful to the creator of CrossFit and to CrossFit coaches).
*By the way, I am not referring to anyone in this post. I merely thought of a scenario and wanted to warn of or inform anyone that may be in this situation.  
**Sorry for typos or any grammatical errors as I did not proofread this post. 


Tomorrow we will be at Cal State Long Beach supporting NoX Athlete Courtney Crouch as he competes in his 1st CrossFit competition; NLI Dynasty Series1. The photo above shows some of his training over the past few months. Hills, squats, snatch, overhead squat, muscle ups, burpees, cleans, and much more.  Come out and support and see what a CrossFit competition is all about. His first event starts 10:18 AM. BE THERE! I had the privilege to compete on the same team in High School Track and Field and now have the privilege to compete on the same CrossFit Team. Lets do work Court!

Here is the Legendary Competitor Code that NLI Lives by.