Friday, June 27, 2014

2015 Season Training Program / CAL Affiliate League Tomorrow

Just a FYI, Starting in August 2014 I will start posting my Competition Training on (i will post a link on where to sign up when the time comes). 

I will still be posting a little taste of the training I do on here but only just a small portion of the entire training. This is the reason why I am going this route:

I feel that both Coach Mike and myself spend a lot of time using our long and extensive knowledge (from the 21+ years of being athletes/coaches---click here for coach Mike's Qualifications) and do not want to just give those training sessions out to the world. These training sessions/programs take hours of thought behind them and will be top notch programs that are for the competitive athlete trying to compete at the highest level. Starting in August we will team up to post a competitive program for those who are willing to follow the program in its entirety. The program will be high volume and not for the average person just looking to be healthy and fit. Following the program in its entirety will only be recommended to those who: 
1. have a strong athletic background
2. are trying to qualify for the CrossFit Regionals/Games
3. have been training with high intensity functional movements for over 1 year
4. are willing to follow the program and its entirety and not "cherry pick" 
5. have access to barbells, pull-up rig, gymnastics rings, plyo boxes, sleds, yokes, medballs, kettlebells, dumbbells, row ergs, ski ergs, air-dynes, and much more. 

So, for everyone that trains at NOX, nothing will change because you will be doing some, if not most of the workouts at NOX anyways (you guys are spoiled for getting top notch programming with your membership at NOX). For everyone else reading this, if you like some of the workouts and training sessions that you have been seeing over the past year, please sign up come August. Anyway, more info on this will come as August comes closer and closer. 

Friday Workload
3 Rounds:
300m run with 70# kettle bell
21 kb swings
18 wallballs
15 burpees
12 pull-ups

(20 minute cap)

at 21:00
2 minutes max effort shoulder press 45# barbell
rest 1 minute
2 minutes max effort upright rows 45# barbell
rest 1 minute
2 minutes max effort bicep curls 45# barbell
rest 1 minute
2 minutes max effort bench presses 45# barbell

Tomorrow NOXTraining will have 6 athletes compete in the CAL Affiliate League Functional Fitness competition at CrossFit Pandemic in Norco from 4-8:30PM. We would like to see as much support as possible. Come out to the event in your NOX Gear (or in NOX Colors if you do not have NOX gear). 

There will be a 3 Year Anniversary NOXTraining Party at the Gym after the competition. I would say good luck to all these athletes but luck is not needed for the prepared.