Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 151: LC Dynamic Duo

Below are details about the Dynamic Duo Team Competition in september. Lets see how many teams from NoX Training that we can show up with. So far we have Dick and Mike on one team, Ryan and Chuck on another for the Rx Division. Who else is in? If you have ever wanted to compete in a CrossFit competition then this one is the one to start. Don't have a team-mate?...ask a fellow NoX Training partner to join your team. Before you sign up make sure you have your basic gymnastics down (pullups/toes to bar) (muscle ups/ handstand pushups for Rx div), dubbs, and are comfortable doing most lifts (squats/cleans/snatch/Jerks/presses/deadlifts). If not, then be willing to practice, practice, practice over the next few months. Training for a competition like this will put you on a fast track to learning new movements and better fitness. Sign up NOW up until JUNE 15 for the lowest price. GO HERE to sign up

Legendary Competitor


General Info
Welcome to the first of its kind!
Brought to you by Quest Nutrition

Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, Thelma and Louise, Cagney and Lacey, Abbott and Costello, Pinky and the Brain.... plus a long list of others.  

2 Person Teams -Eeither 2 males per team or 2 females per team
2 Divisions - RX and Scaled

$10,000 cash plus prizes for Rx divison

Each team will battle it out through a battery of fitness challenges.  Each member of the team must be able to do the work prescribed for their division.
Teams will need to be prepared for the following (but not limited to):
  • Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean and Jerk)
  • Basic barbell movements (Deadlift, Push Press, Squat, Overhead Squat, Front Squat)
  • Entry level Gymnastics (Pullups, Pushups, Ring dips, Muscle Up(rx only))
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Throwing
Registration is open now and will sell out quickly
$110 per team - NOW until June 15th or unitl First 100 teams
$150 per team - June 16th - July 31st
$200 per team - August 1st - August 31st

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 147: Memorial WOD / MoSquat Monday

Squats, Sleds, KB snatches, squats, KB Swings, and more squats on Memorial Day. Thanks A.D. for taking all the pics with the crazy filters. 

*click photos to view full sizes

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 146: Memorial Weekend "Murph"

CrossFit Hero Workouts are named after fallen warriors. 
On October 18th, 2005 on the home page,Murph was posted. Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy was a CrossFitter and loved this particular workout. CrossFit decided to honor him by naming the workout after him. Now hundreds of thousands of people have performed this workout and know of his story. Since then there have been more workouts named after fallen soldiers, firefighters and law enforcement officers.

Many people decided that doing this workout was not hard enough on its own...some wore gas masks, some wore weight vests, some carried barbells on the run, and more. 

I decided to do the runs with my gas mask, and then do strict pull-ups.