Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Importance of Running [Open Gym]

"Many functional fitness/CrossFit athletes these days are qualifying for national weightlifting meets, but wouldn't stand a chance in a youth cross country meet. They tend to forget the methodologies of which they were passionate about, and of what their gym name is about. Weightlifting and running should be of equal importance." 

We dedicate at least one day a week to just pure running training in addition to running showing up throughout the week mixed into some of the workouts. Many people start training in Functional Fitness and are all about it at first but then somewhere along the way they fall in love with only select portions of it and tend to ignore the full spectrum of fitness. Running is one of the most primal movements and we should never forget about running in a fitness program. So take a break from weightlifting/power lifting a few times out of the week and just run...but you can also throw it into the mix with weightlifting and gymnastics and get the best of all worlds.