Thursday, May 8, 2014

5-8-14: The Gym vs Real World

5 Rounds of: 3 x [1 Snatch grip thruster + 1 Overhead squat]

rest 3-5 minutes

3x5 Clean pulls

50 strict handstand push-ups

500m row SPRINT all out
rest 3-5 minutes
500m ski SPRINT all out

rest 5-10 minutes

15x1 Clean
*light weight working on technique

"You know how you know a man? When he's challenged. You know a man when he's training..."
Below is a cool video clip of Elliott Hulse talking about knowing how a person is in real life just by the way he/she trains in the gym; the intensity and hard work in the gym (or lack thereof) transfers over to your work ethic displayed in the real world. I have always thought this same thing for the longest time. Many business people like to golf with potential clients or business partners before entering a deal or becoming partners. I would rather workout with a potential business partner/ client than anything else because you will find the true character of a person in a situation of adversity. Put a potential business partner/client through a tough workout and see how he/she manages it. See how a potential business partner/client handles the pain, the stress, the fatigue of a hard training session. If that potential business partner/client breaks down mentally or quits, then you know this is most likely the way this person will act when things get tough, which most likely almost always happens in the business world. Bottom line is that you can learn a lot about a person in the gym. If someone usually does only 75% of the workout on the board, that person will most likely only do 75% of the work in the real world. If someone usually "cherry picks" workouts, that person will most likely cherry pick life if the real world. (cherry picking is picking only the workouts you like). Anyway, this is my opinion...let me know what you think about my opinion and the video below.