Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Training Photos: Motivation Lights your fire

Motivation lights your fire. 
The fan that that keeps the fire lit is called discipline.
So when you’re excited about something…you're motivated and you decide to start that something. 

Then you just keep doing it whether you feel like it or not. Your motivation will go away, that is guaranteed. But you must have discipline in order to keep that fire going. 

Tuesday Training
6x2 Clean from blocks 
5x4 push press
1x5 muscle snatch
2x4 muscle snatch
1x3 muscle snatch
5x3 snatch balance

5 rounds:
3 muscle ups
8 kb swings 
8 box jumps (30”)

5 minute emom: 5 overhead squats
5 minute emom: 5 hang power cleans

5x250m row

4x6 weighted muscle ups
NOX Training