Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rest Day: The Path...

Every night I get home from the gym; I eat a healthy dinner as fast as I can so that I can get the blog post up as soon as possible. It has become one of my hobbies and I do not consider it a burden or a job. The moment it becomes a burden or feels like a job I am going to stop doing it, plain and simple. What keeps me updating this blog is the fact that you all keep sharing, liking, and reposting the content of the blog on Instagram and social media…so thank you.  

We are all on a journey to become the healthiest and fittest people that we can become in this thing called life. I think this journey is one of the most important things one can do in life because you learn a lot about yourself; your physical and mental capabilities that can be applied to any other aspect of your life. It is an important journey that never ends. Me taking pictures of each and every one of these important journeys is what keeps me motivated. So Keep on sharing the photos of you so you can help motivated someone else in becoming healthier and fitter. 

The path to your health and fitness journey is right here in front of you. NOX Training is the place with the process and the people for your success. Not only for ourselves, but in order to empower one another. The key here is to realize that you have a unique roll to play at NOX Training. We show up to the gym, give it our 100% and hope it motivates others to also go 100%. The moment you give it only 80% effort you are telling the person next to you, hey its ok to go 80%. Believe it or not, we subconsciously feed of each other while working out at NOX and thus help each other in becoming healthier and fitter individuals (they say a fighter cannot become 40-0 by him/herself)… so that is the reason we should all go 100%. Yes, you are only working out for yourself…but others help bring out that little extra push to help you get the best workout you can get. 

5x3 position cleans
2x6 front squats
2x5 front squats
2x3 front squats
2x7 snatch deadlifts
2x5 snatch deadlifts

NOX Workout of the day-I can't reveal everything...programming is not 100% free :). But the workout consisted of handstands, dubbs, burpees, russian twists, hand release push-ups, planks, hollow rocks, and more. 30 minutes of high intensity intervals.