Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5

Cycle for 15 minutes
Barbell Mobility

10 x 1 Snatch (as heavy as possible)
10 x 1 Clean + Jerk (as heavy as possible)
3x3 Pause Front Squats (as heavy as possibly)
*pause for 2 seconds at the bottom

Partner WOD
*1 partner completes a full round while other is resting, then switch until wod is completed.
**try to do each round unbroken

For time each complete 5 rounds of:
5 power snatch (135/95)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wallballs

Today is the 5th day of 2013 which means that people having been working hard for 5 days now towards the new goals set for 2013. Well, I guess I can only speak for myself when it comes to that statement.

Re Photo Above: Here is a good illustration of 2 different types of people. You may interpret the photo in a much different way, but I see it as 2 different people and how he or she reacts to situations or opportunities in life. On the left hand side of the commas I see as one person and on the right hand of the commas displays another person. Which side are you on? What other interpretations do you get out of this photo above?

Got to train with our team mate (Genie F.) for battle of the Boxes. We bout to Kill!