Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 40: TEAM

12 x 1 Snatch
15 x 1 Clean + Jerk

Team WOD (AM)
Teams of 3

200 Thrusters (115)
200 Pullups
*Every member of the team performs 1 set of thrusters. Once everyone performs one set of thrusters then you each perform one set of pullups.  Repeat until 200 thrusters and 200 pullups are completed as a team. Split the reps up however you want.

Teams of 2
-200 Double under buy in
3 rounds:
10 Muscle ups
20 Hand stand push ups
30 GHDs
-6 x 18' Rope Climbs buy-out

Part of the Saturday AM Get Low Crew

PM Crew


Have a Cold? Do Burpees!  
by Dr Jeff Godin, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., and Director of Spartan Coaching
We have previously discussed the value of the Burpee as it relates to physical fitness (readthis blog). The Burpee may also be your best defense against infections.
The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and glands that carry fluid from tissues back to the blood
stream. The lymphatic system plays an important function in re-circulating immune cells back into the
blood stream and tissue where they protect the body from foreign invaders. The lymphatic system is
often called the second circulatory system and is equally as important. However, unlike blood, lymphatic
vessels and the lymphatic fluid contained within them do not have a pump to help circulate the fluid.
The lymphatic system relies on the effects of gravity, breathing, and skeletal muscle contraction to help
keep the fluid moving throughout the system. Without the movement of the fluid the immune system is
compromised. The Burpee takes advantage of all three of these methods and may be a sure fire solution
to facilitate the movement of fluid throughout the system.
The Burpee utilizes the muscles of the upper and lower body. The muscles in the extremities contract
and relax in a cyclical fashion, massaging the lymph vessels and facilitating the movement of lymph
fluid. The high metabolic demand of the Burpee stimulates deep breathing. The constant changes
in pressure in the thoracic cavity versus the abdominal cavity during deep breathing stimulates the
flow of lymph though the system. Also, although not tested, it is reasonable to believe that the rapid
changes in posture from the vertical position, to the horizontal prone position, and then back to the
vertical position also facilitates the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system. The constant
change in body position changes the hydrostatic pressure within the lymphatic system. Fluid movement
undoubtedly occurs with changes in hydrostatic pressure. Have you ever stood up fast and felt “light-
headed”? That is the result in a drop in hydrostatic pressure in the circulatory system; the blood has
“dropped” into the lower extremities. Conversely, if you hang upside down for a second, the blood
accumulates in the thorax and head. Essentially lying down and jumping up has the same effect, there is
rapid movement of blood and lymphatic fluid through their respective vessels.
A recent paper by Lisa Hodge published in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine suggests
that manual Lymphatic Pump Techniques enhance immunity and may protect against pneumonia. The
Burpee acts in similar fashion, accelerating the pumping action and increasing movement of lymph
through the system. The Burpee reigns as the exercise champ!


  1. I love, love, LOVE this cold rememdy!
    Awesome find- pure gold!
    You guys keep up the amazingly hard work over at Nox, ya'll are Champs!